Maintenance of Certification

To participate in Maintenance of Certification (MOC) with the Florida Neurosurgical Society, a neurosurgeon must hold an ABNS Certificate and a currently valid, unrestricted license to practice medicine.

Neurosurgeons in Florida may participate in MOC at any time and are encouraged to do so. To enroll, simply email a request or call 770-613-0932. An MOC certificate from the FNS is valid for 10 years.

If your dues are paid up to date, there is NO COST to participate in MOC.

Step 1: Make a request that you wish to enroll in Maintenance of Certification with the Florida Neurosurgical Society

Step 2: Submit a case log of your last 200 cases (using initials of patients), your last 3 complications, the hospitals that you currently hold privileges, and names of three neurosurgeons in your region who you do not have a financial relationship with (i.e. non-partners, neurosurgeons outside of your department).

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Step 3: Arrange for an interview with the FNS board. This may be done at the FNS annual meeting or at a mutually convenient time.